The myCollection application is a coin and medal collection management software. The flexibility and structure of the application makes it suitable for other collectibles, like stamps, napkins. Even auto model collectors use it. Generally it is useful on areas where one or two relevant picture is enough (like obverse and reverse in the case of coins), although there is a possibility to attach more pictures.

The collection management is supported by a wide range of data, attachments, auction information and multitude of personal data. A large number of filtering options are available for efficient searching, to make the recorded data to be available as soon as possible.

The first step after installation

menu0This new version of myCollection can handle different collections. After installation the program comes up without any collection. If this is the first time you use this program start with creating a new collection by clicking the "Create new..." menu point in the Collection menu or right click on the center of the Collections frame. If you used previous versions you probably want to import your old collection or at least a category from it by clicking "Import from old collection..." menu. Third possibility is to add an existing collection by clicking the "Add collection..." menu. This later case can happen when you want to transfer your collection from a computer to another one, or want to use a collection from any portable media.

menu1After creating a collection you can start entering coin data by clicking "New item" from menu "Items". You can achieve this also by right click with the mouse in the center of window and select there "New item". Modify data of a previously entered item by selecting the second menu point "Edit item".

The myCollection application is free, and intended to keep it free. However development tools and internet support takes money. We really appreciate any amount with what you can support us. You can do it simply through Paypal by clicking on the button below.

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