Import from OpenNumismat

The usage of myCollection application

You can import your collection's data from OpenNumismat program by following the next steps.

What to do if there is not enough disk space

Importer needs as many disk space on the target drive as the size of OpenNumismat database file. If there is not enough space the importing cannot be started to avoid partial importing. Exit the importer program. If you have more drives in your system, start myCollection program. Use Settings, Database..., Relocation buttons to move the myCollection's database to a drive that has enough space. When done, exit from myCollection and restart importon.exe.

What to do if you are not satified with categories

The importon program generates categories based on the selected List of OpenNumismat. This category tree will resemble you to the list tree in OpenNumismat. If you are not satisfied with it, exit importon. Start OpenNumismat, use Customize tree... command to set the desired structure. Exit OpenNumismat and restart importon.exe.